Residential Electrical Work and Remodeling

Residential Electrical Work and Remodeling

Your San Diego home runs on electricity, but that doesn’t matter if the power can’t get to where it is supposed to go. Besides having your appliances and fixtures up and running, it is equally important that they are efficient so that you are not spending more money than you should and that all the wiring is safe. Atlas Electric residential assistance includes a wide range of electrical services to ensure all the wiring and electrical works in your home are performing as they should.


Light Fixture Replacement

Replacing your home or business’ lighting fixtures with new, high-quality, energy-efficient models is a practical, cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of your San Diego home. At Atlas Electric, our team of fully licensed and insured in-house electricians is leading experts in a wide range of lighting fixture set-ups and knows how to balance form and function in a way that ensures you get lighting fixtures that are both more energy efficient and better adapted to your precise needs and specifications.

GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is designed to automatically shut an electrical circuit off if it detects the current flowing along an unintended path. This design mainly protects from electric shock, but GFCI outlets can also protect you from fire. GFCIs are required in unfinished basements, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, outdoors, or anywhere the outlet is near a sink. With Atlas Electric, our team of electricians knows how to install GFCI outlets correctly the first time and test them to ensure that they give you full protection.

New Outlets and Switches

Installing new outlets and switches in your San Diego home or business can be a complicated process, and problems may not be noticeable at first but can cause you major inconveniences and even hazards down the road. Get your electrical switches and outlets working the first time properly with a team of trustworthy, expert electricians. At Atlas Electric, we offer comprehensive residential electrical services, including outlet and switch installation, replacement, and inspection services for your home.

Ceiling Fan/Light Installation

At Atlas Electric, our electricians have experience with a wide variety of ceiling fan & light types and styles and can install a fixture that will give you the best balance between form and functionality. Our professional ceiling fan installations will also ensure that your San Diego ceiling fan runs in a way designed to optimize energy efficiency and give your room the best air circulation possible.

New Circuits

When you need new circuits installed, trust your work only with experienced professionals. Professional installation of new circuits will ensure that they are fully code-compliant and set up to optimize your electrical system’s overall performance. The electricians at Atlas Electric can install circuits quickly and reliably to maintain the highest standards for safety and quality.

Tripping Breakers

If you have a breaker that keeps tripping, it is crucial not to ignore the problem. While a repeatedly tripping breaker might be caused by something as simple as a defective capacitor or a loose breaker, it can also indicate a far more serious problem, such as a direct short. Don’t risk serious damage to you or your San Diego property; if you have a breaker that keeps tripping, trust the electricians at Atlas Electric to give you prompt, professional circuit breaker servicing that will make the safety of both you and your property our top priority.

Panel Upgrades

If your building’s electrical system has gone through modifications to accommodate increases in your patterns of consumption and your panel hasn’t been upgraded, then there is a good chance that your electrical system isn’t operating at its most efficient. Worse, a panel that hasn’t been upgraded to suit modifications in your electrical system can leave you and your property vulnerable to unexpected hazards such as fires. Fortunately, at Atlas Electric, our electricians have experience with electrical systems of all sizes and scales and can safely and reliably upgrade your electrical panel to suit your building’s electrical system optimally.

Installation of Electrical Equipment

Getting every detail right the first time installing electrical equipment is crucial. At Atlas Electric, our highly trained technicians have the expertise to ensure your electrical equipment is installed safely and properly, considering your home or business’s property and your convenience. We only install the latest, most durable equipment for electrical remodeling work in San Diego.

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Panel Upgrades

Panel upgrades are often needed when remodeling or adding to a home or business. This dangerous work should only be left to professionals who know how to properly install the panel so the new wiring is up to code and won’t cause a hazardous situation in the future. We have years of experience in upgrading electrical panels to suit today’s higher power needs while preserving the safety of the building’s occupants and the property itself.

Panel Change Outs

Most buildings will need an electrical panel change out at least once to upgrade outdated equipment, keep current with new safety regulations, or provide additional power to the building. Renovations or additions often require a larger electrical panel. Again, only a qualified, licensed electrical professional should undertake this job. Improperly installed electrical panels can cause fires or prove fatal to someone without the proper training and experience.

Atlas Electric has the experience to tackle every type of remodeling electrical work in San Diego, from small home upgrades to major business renovations. Trust in the electrical experts who put safety first. Give us a call today to set up your electrical remodeling consultation.

A/C & Heating Circuits

When upgrading your home or business’s climate control system, it’s a good idea to get an inspection of your A/C & heating circuits. Circuit breakers wear out over time and can cause a dangerous situation if they’re not replaced. An experienced technician should only do this work. At Atlas Electric, we can ensure your San Diego breakers are up to date and safely installed. Don’t wait until your circuit goes bad and you’re stuck in a building that’s too hot or too cold.

Electrical Relocation

Most home or business renovations will require electrical relocation to supply power to new additions and to ensure you have a safe power supply to your existing appliances. Some renovations, such as finishing a basement, will need electrical relocation to allow you to hook up lighting, electronics, and other appliances. Many DIY-ers don’t realize this is a job that must be done to code, or any damage resulting from improper rerouted wiring may not be covered under insurance. We have the skills to get this job done quickly, affordably, and safely.

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Upgrade to Existing Electrical Systems

Renovations to older buildings almost always need an upgrade to existing electrical systems, and it is an undertaking that should only be done by a licensed professional. Outdated systems, breaker boxes, electrical panels, and wiring can cause fire or serious injuries when not correctly installed. Our experience with home and business remodeling electrical work in San Diego will ensure your building’s older system is upgraded with only the best electrical equipment, with safe, quality work to fit your home or business’s power needs.

New Construction

For residential or commercial building construction, you’ll need an experienced electrician who can handle your new electrical construction in San Diego safely and reliably. It’s crucial that new wiring and electrical equipment are installed first so problems don’t develop along the road – such as the risk of malfunctions, fires, injuries, or even death from electric shock.

Every region has strict building codes to adhere to regarding electrical work. San Diego buildings that are not up to code may not be covered by insurance in the event of property damage related to electrical problems. For this reason and many more, hiring a fully licensed, insured electrical contractor with experience in new building construction is important only.

Atlas Electric is known for some of the best electrical work in the area, with a reputation for impeccable new wiring and equipment installation, as well as maintenance and repairs. We fully understand code regulations to protect your investment now and in the future.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all electrical construction areas, making safety and integrity their priority with every job. We’re licensed and insured and guarantee our work.

Lighting Design and Installation

We have extensive experience with commercial and residential lighting design and installation. We can ensure the light fixtures in your new San Diego building are installed properly and that all the wiring is up to code.

  • Indoor lighting – We can handle various indoor lighting needs for your home or business, from standard systems to custom light fixtures and displays.
  • Outdoor lighting – Our outdoor lighting experience covers a full range, from attractive decorative yard and garden lighting to the tragic installation of security lights for your protection.
  • Security lighting – From timed lights that give the impression a building is occupied to bright motion-activated security lighting, we can install interior and exterior custom security lighting systems in your home or business to discourage intruders.
  • Security cameras – Security camera installation is especially popular with businesses but can also be installed in residences. We can install any type of security camera system, large or small, and show customers how to operate and maintain the system.

We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services in San Diego. Get the complete details about our commercial assistance now.

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Landscape Lighting

A lovely garden, yard, or walkway can be beautiful with the proper lighting, and lighting your landscape also brightens it for safety and nighttime socializing. Store-bought outdoor lighting products are often flimsy and don’t have the upscale look of a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system. Atlas Electric residential services can improve your San Diego home’s value and appeal with high-quality outdoor lighting that will transform your house from ordinary to gorgeous.


Standby generators are meant to automatically kick in, providing the needed power to circuits when your house’s primary power source is down. After power is back up, the standby generator will shut down, ready for when it’s needed again. In many cases, building codes require generators. Because of their importance, it’s recommended for standby generators in San Diego to be maintained on a regular schedule and repaired or replaced if necessary.

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Security Lighting

It’s wise for homes to use security lighting with other safety measures. Bright nighttime lighting in key areas inside and around a property has discouraged intruders. From timed lights to bright motion-activated security spotlights, we know how to install the right kind of security lighting in the right places to give your maximum property security. For the highest quality landscape & security lighting in San Diego, trust the experts in electrical and lighting systems.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting needs are complex. At Atlas Electric, we offer residential electric services that ensure the best results. We recommend you trust this job to us to protect your house from wiring errors or other issues that can cause a safety or damage liability. Our technicians know the ideal places to install timed or motion-activated security lights outside a commercial building. We also have experience creating a beautiful, inviting custom look with exterior lighting to make your customers feel at home.

Hot Tubs & Spas

Hot tubs and spas are a frequent luxury for many homes. The high use of hot tubs requires professional installation and repair of their electrical systems. It’s also crucial to schedule regular inspections and maintenance of hot tub & spa electrical systems in San Diego to prevent customer injury and to keep them open for everyone’s enjoyment.

You’ll want to trust the electrical contractors with experience and professionalism when it comes to your residential hot tub or spa system.